Singhar Ji Mithai

Yield 2-4

Three out of five family members in my house would turn their noses up at store-bought mithai, me included (unless it's a box full of one minute here, gone the next motichoor ladoo). A mithai that none of us can say no, especially if it's my Nani's, is good homemade Singhar Ji mithai or Sev Barfi as it is more popularly known. Unsalted sev (fried besan/roasted chickpea or gram flour) and unsweetened mawa makes the base for this mithai that is incredibly simple to make, and is a really nummy way to end a meal. A good shower of pistachios or almonds on top and you can cut everyone brownie-sized pieces to dig into.


Crumbled mawa 250gSugar 250gMilk 250 ml, plus an additional 1/4 cupSaffron a pinch, lightly pounded, then left to soak in 1 tbsp milkUnsalted sev 250g (Indian farsan or snack shops sell this sev or fried thin sticks made from gram flour/besan. You want this to be as fresh as possible, and it should be thin. Do not use a salted or a thick variety here)Elaichi/Cardamom powder a pinchGhee for greasing


Grease a thali or a square brownie tin with ghee. Bring the milk to a boil and reduce the flame. Add in the sugar and the elaichi powder and stir to dissolve over medium heat. When all the sugar has melted, add in the crumbled khoya and keep stirring over medium heat till it blends in completely and forms a uniform smooth mixture. Add in the saffron and the sev.Over medium high heat stir continuously for 3-4 minutes till you feel the mixture is semi-dry. Remove into the greased tin/thali and top with flaked pistachios. Let it cool before you cut out squares to serve.

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